Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Gaza Operation And Me

This is a very last minute post.  I just wanted to throw a note out there that I am OK. I'm not in the front lines or anything like that, so there really isn't any connection at this point between what you read in the news and my safety.  I'm still in basic training, so there's no sending me off to war for another half a year.

In case your head was underneath a rock all this week, Hamas has started the post-ceasefire period off with a bang, literally.  Israel's half-year ceasefire with the terrorist organization just expired, and right away Hamas began launching rockets into Israel.  They spent the entire period of calm stocking up on rockets, and now they can use them freely.

Israel was just hanging out, and as expected Hamas started an offensive.  But anyway, I don't want to talk politics right now.  I want to give an explanation, as far as I learned from soldiers who were in basic training during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, what would happen to me if a war were to break out.  As in, what would I be doing, where would I be, etc.

During Michve Alon some of my commanders had the Lebanon War pin, even though I knew they began basic in August of 2006.  The war ended in August.  They told me that in time of war, the basic training programs go on freeze while the commanders and various people around the training bases head off to their combat units.  At the same time, full soldiers who were doing guard duty around the country get repositioned to fight in the conflict.

So, the guys in basic take the guard duty spots that were vacated.  Like everyone else I don't know what's going to happen in this conflict with Hamas.  Our defense minister, Ehud Barak, hasn't said whether or not a ground invasion into Gaza is going to follow the aerial strikes on the Hamas compounds.  I just don't know what's going to happen.

My Gd, what a strange feeling.  I return to base tomorrow morning, and I can't even begin to imagine what kind of discussions and briefings we're going to receive.  What are they going to tell us?  Is it going to be really serious on base?  Is the training going to change in some way, at least in a subtle, intangible nature?  Will there be laughter?  Will anyone smile?

How do I feel?  All Shabbat I concentrated especially hard during the supplications for peace in the prayers.  I said "shalom" with extra intent and genuineness.  What's strange about that is that I am shomer Shabbat, which means I don't watch television or read the news or anything during Friday night to Saturday night.  I had no idea that Saturday the 27th, today, was the deadliest day in Gaza in the past 20 years.

How do I feel?  Nervous and very upset that we have to deal with this all over again. Like all Israelis, I just want peace and quiet.

Please read this prayer for the well-being of Israel's soldiers:   Click Here


Anonymous said...

Please update us on how it went on base

Anonymous said...

Is Hashem Gd?

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, I clicked over to your blog post here after seeing a reference on Twitter. My Heeb brother, I live up in Boston, and am praying for ya. So you be safe so we can meet up for a beer sometime, OK?


Praying for peace for all from Los Angeles, CA. Thank you for giving us perspective about what is happening.

Mina Sirkin

Anonymous said...

Hello My Dear Danny! I am so glad to know that you are ok. We talked about you when I was home for Christmas and I received some nice updates from my brother. I don't mean to upset you by saying this, but just to let you know someone else's feelings on the subject. My heart has been heavy today with worry and fear, because Gaza is where many of my boyfriend's Palestinian family and friends live peacefully. We are currently awaiting word on his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, who by the way are all Christian and were celebrating Christmas. Unfortunately, they have had a sad ending to their celebration.

Please do know that I pray for your safety and well-being and hope to see you soon.

All My Love,

Unknown said...

Danny I"m your AUnt Debbie's friend
My daughter Nina is leaving
tomorrow Dec 29 for ISrael.
if you get this email., know everyone
here is thinking of you & praying
for your safety
Sara Robinson

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny - I'm glad you wrote that post, because I'm worried about you. I'm praying for your safety and please keep us updated!

Love & support,


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are safe.Thank you for taking time to keep us updated.You are in my prayers.Lairds'Mom

Unknown said...

THis is sara again, YOUr AUnt
Debbies friend My daughter,Nina who is 25 is leaving today for Israel
I just talked toher, she lives in
Cambridge MA, I"M here in Louisville
KY. EVERYONE HAS YOU, the israeli
people & the americans who are traveling to Israel, visiting, studying, whatever in OUR THOUGHTS
Monday 11AM 12/29/08

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to crash the party and post something quite contrary to the best wishes above. I must say I do echo them, lets hope you dont get sent to battle. I joined my countries defence force once, I completed the reserve training and attained the basic rank of 'Private'. Im not sure you have a choice or not, but when I realised I could be asked to fight in morally unjustifiable conflicts such as the one your country is engaging in, I had to resign. No matter what you think, you are potentially going to be party to the slaughter of a weak and broken enemy, like and elephant crushing a flea. Maybe the solace of religion will ease your conscience, but no man's hand should ever bear the blood of another, under any circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Simon; very interesting,but I doubt Hamas could be stopped by your ideas.You should be very grateful to Danny and the military.They are keeping you safe ,so you can lecture others.

Unknown said...

I canNOT thank Danny enough FOR ALL
he is doing for Israel & for freedom
What is happening in Israel now is
NOT black & white, but it is RED..
meaning blood shed & probably more
to come.
I do NOT agree at all w/ SImon's
view on things
My duaghter is in ISreal now, our
rabbis here in Louisville are
Israeli., I was in Israel celebrating
my 60th birthday & Isael's 60th at
the same time..
ANYWAYS, I wish ALL the Isreali
military my PRAYERS for a better
2009..god be with you, in your
heart, soul & body
Take care SHALOM
Sara Robinson
Danny once gain I"m your Aunt
Debbie's friend in Louisville KY
1040AM Wed. Dec 31 HAPPY NEW YEAR

Anonymous said...

Danny, We are proud of you and your fellows. Continue to follow the IDF's stated ethics & your fight will be just.
Simon, Please send the last sentence of your comment to the Hamas. They certainly need to hear it more than anyone else. The size of the force doesn't dictate the morality of the conflict. If the flea continues to suck the lifes blood from a creature, crush it.

Unknown said...

Simon, if it wasn't for people like
Danny, the israeli military & the
free world, you would NOT be
able to say your like
previous statements..send your
last line to hamas..or better yet..
well I dont' want to print my
true words on Danny's amazing
Danny, my thoughts & prayers continue
to be w/you & the military & people
of Israel I spoke w/ your aunt debbie
YOU, a bit worrried, but still
very proud
Take care SHABBATH SHALOM when
you read this. 11PM EST
Sara, your aunt debbies' friend
in Louisville, KY

Israeli by Day said...

Yes Hashem is Gd -- I don't know where you saw that on my blog though...

Thanks to everyone for their responses, even those anti-Israel ones. Go ahead and make my blog your base of arguing. Fine by me!

Anonymous said...

hey there Danny...Although clearly as said above I am Arabian, christian not muslim, I really love Israel and especially Jews, don't ask me why, trying to find out myself(Makes me think I'm crazy :D) anyway I just thought it would make you feel better to know that even arabians(although I'm Canadian too) can show some love and support, and I hope you'll be safe, and God bless you.
btw just a question: is there a special dress to wear to enter a synagogue?