Friday, November 14, 2008

Scrapes And Bruises From Training

We were out in the "shetach" a few days ago, which essentially means we were crawling on the ground and doing crazy physical stuff on rocky Israeli soil. You get injured like that. I don't even have to say anything here. I think the pictures speak for themselves. By the way, none of these body parts are mine - I gave blood that day so I only had to crawl once, and my scrapes and bruises were minimal (though I've got some good ones!).

There are tons more of bruises and cuts, especially on the back of everyone's hands and sliced up knees, but I just didn't have time to snap them all. Either way, I think everyone with this kind of injury feels damn good right now. You're supposed to get those things in the army!


Anonymous said...

When I was in Gadna, we did a day of crawling and playing "hide and go seek". While crawling, I came face to face with a thorn bush; I couldn't move any farther. Or so I thought. My mefaked poured water down my back and insisted I keep crawling.

So I assume you got the bruises etc doing stuff like that 1 million times over and harder.

Keep it up! How's position 1 treating you?

Israeli by Day said...

Apparently Machlaca 1 had to crawl through thorn bushes and go really far and then pick up a cow patty and carry it on their head back to the commander. But, that's unsubstantiated. :)

Position 1 hasnt been so bad - I figured out how to cheat, but it's just so grueling anyway. We were in the position for about 9 minutes the other day because we were 30 seconds late to a formation. What can you do.

Anonymous said...

Neosporin...or "Triple Antibiotic Ointment," to be non-brand-specific. If you find it, let me know.

the sabra said...

Heh do they know bout ur blog? I'm sure the Israelis would feel way cool to be on an AMERICAN site ;)