Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final And Actual Induction

Today I am being inducted into my actual unit. I have been in a 3-week pre-unit course for immigrants. Everyone here is fluent in Hebrew (except me, really), so it's really a course to get mentally and physically prepared. It's been great for me because my Hebrew comprehension has really gone up, at least in understanding what the hell is being said. I still seem to not know the language when I am being told to do something. But anyway, the course is over and today I am joining my real unit, with real Israelis, and real consequences.

I have hesitated in saying which unit I've been gunning for for a couple of reasons:

1) Everyone wants this unit.
2) It's a really prestigious unit at the moment (see #1).
3) It's an intense combat unit.
4) Who says they'll want me?

So, as you read this I am either very happy or very unhappy. My heart's been set on this particular unit for so long I can't even imagine being anywhere else. What makes it worse is that a buddy of mine did the exact same thing as me, the pre-course at Micvhe Alon for 3 weeks, and then the army for 2 years. He signed up for 2 years and said "give me this unit because I moved to Israel just to serve there" just like I did, and he got a guarantee for it right away. I did not get that guarantee on the spot, though the CO's eyes were saying "don't worry."

I really just don't know what else I would do. I know everything will work out, but man, I already went through this with trying to get into certain colleges! I'll let you know what happens.


Unknown said...

such suspense what is going to happen!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new unit - where ever you are serving. By the way after the army your Hebrew will be fluent!