Thursday, February 5, 2009

Memorable Moments In The IDF

Israelis have a very strange relationship with the Holocaust and all that German stuff. As I've written about before, you see survivors around every once in a while. A huge proportion of the population fled from Europe to settle here. Strangely enough, despite or maybe because of all this, Israelis make Holocaust jokes or say things in reference to the Holocaust when they aren't satisfied. For example, we got a real tiny breakfast consisting of two slices of bread and a tomato, and a guy said, "What, am I in Auschwitz or something?"

Anyway, that's not the quote I wanted to post. Maybe you had to be there, but we were on kitchen duty last month when Avichai (not his real name), a rather sloppy guy, was stopped by a rather strange commander.

"Avichai!," the commander yelled.

Avichai stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, replying timidly, "Yes, Commander..."

"Tuck in your shirt and straighten your uniform like an officer in the German army," he barked.

"...Yes, Commander."

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Unknown said...

Hi Danny,
I came across your blog after I heard about Aish HaTorah and was wondering what it was like to study in Jerusalem there.

I was reading the Jerusalem Post and found a story about how a Swedish Christian had joined Golani. I hadn't thought such a thing was possible, but apparently it's true:
I don't suppose you've run into any Swedish soldiers while in the IDF?