Monday, February 2, 2009

Gift Bags For Lone Soldiers

Sorry for the silly video, but I got kinda bored and wanted to change up the blog a bit.

Lots of people like to hook up soldiers in the IDF with gifts, from donating money for pizza (thanks Laird's mom!), to buying cold weather clothes and other necessities. Sometimes these gifts are for combat soldiers in scary places, like current drives for the guys in Gaza. And sometimes they are directed to us lone soldiers, guys that don't get presents from their parents and relatives.

I recently got a gift bag for Chanukkah, and this is the video of what I received. I can't even tell you how awesome it is to get stuff like this.


Anonymous said...


I came across your blog kind of by accident. I'm a Londoner living in Israel now and I blog for a UK newspaper. Would it be ok if I post a link to your blog on mine? I think your blog is mucho interesting, especially as I have kids who'll be going into the army in not so many years time, and also because of the religious slant. What you're doing is amazing and it can't be easy. Good for you, man. Liked the video. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

wacko hehe

dude i asked for your address-if you don't give it, you aint gettin no chanukah gifts. or purim gifts. or anythin gifts.

Roadie in Vancouver said...


Whats with all the gatkes? In my days in Tzanchanim, we didn't get no gatkes, they knew we were tough and could handle the cold ;-)

I got a couple of T-shirts and a chocolate bar back in like 1975. Wore one of them for years.

Anonymous said...

Hey, cousin!
I've been catching up on your blog lately and have shared the link with some friends here. I liked the video -- it was nice to hear your voice after not seeing you for almost two years.
I am all kinds of proud.

Anonymous said...

Great video, made me laugh, so Danny. But it also shows how nice it is for Chayalim bodedim to get packages!

I especially love this as it is in my apartment and you get to see my couch!

Israeli by Day said...

sabra - im kinda busy you know, being a tiron and all. dont really get to check the ole email too often.

anyway, ill have to get you the base address. i see people getting packages all the time, i just forget what it is.

thanks though!

-jordan- :) thanks for your comment. always good to hear from you. tell the fam i say hi!

Unknown said...

danny i believe you said EMMMMMMMMM- who's laughing at whom now?

Unknown said...

hey danny, the resemblance between you and the long underwear model is uncanny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,
Please blog an address for your friends and family back home. Dad and I have had numerous requests from people who'd like to send you gift bags. Also, let us all know what it is you'd like to receive. Are we allowed to send food overseas? Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

I came across your blog by accident and can't stop reading! Thanks for letting us know what it's like to be in the Israeli army.

Also, by the way, the letter in the video that you thought is in Portuguese is actually in Russian from a guy named Grisha (Greg).

Israeli by Day said...

emma - link away!

Jane - that does not look russian to me but thank you! Now I feel pretty dumb. I just thought I couldn't read the handwriting because it was sloppy!