Monday, May 19, 2008

Computer is Dead

Unfortunately, my computer has stopped working. It's not even turning on, and the last time I tried I swore I smelled something burning. So, the posts might be highly erratic, if with any consistency at all. Unfortunately, I have about 100,000 things to write. What a bummer! In Hebrew we would say many things, but I'd say ezeh basa! Essentially, this sucks.

I recommend signing up for my Email Service, whereby anytime I post an entry you would get that entry sent to your email address as a regular email. You wouldn't get any other emails, no spam whatsoever, and it's free and easy to setup. Otherwise keep checking in randomly!

I apologize to my faithful readers, and I hope to post soon!


Matt said...

I'm enjoying your blog. Sorry your computer broke.

The bulldozer story was great. Exactly the kind of strange behavior so common in Israel. Its this sense of entitelment. Forget the fact that it will cause problems, i have a bulldozer to move, everyone else can just wait.

Anonymous said...

Me: "Aizeh basa!"
Stranger: "Lihiyot chasa."
Me: "Aval ani lo chasa."
Stranger (shrugging): "Zeh adayin basa."

you can't not love the place