Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Another Interview, Hopefully...

Looks like my alma-mater, William and Mary, might run an interview on yours truly. Williamsburg, Virginia, meet Jerusalem, Israel, orthodox Judaism, the Israeli army, and falafel.

The world might implode.


Honi said...

Hope they do the interview ... one thing I feel America needs is to hear from more folks like you.. an american that has chosen to move to Israel.. people need to hear your perspective.. from someone young.. I can create create a blog and wax poetic about how much I loved being there.. but well.. I am tourist.. You live it.. I visit.. big difference.. If it were up to me I would have every American come visit Israel..for after being there I find it hard to tolerate anyone that critisizes what they have no idea about.. and those that support Israel need to know who and what they are supporting and most importantly why. My husband and I can not wait to go back and tour some more. We loved the GOLAN and Jerusalem .. we loved everything... U know I talked to a friend of mine who visits Israel often.. and he said some people like myself.. sometimes have a reaction to the Dead Sea.. It was so bizzare one minute I was having a great time and the next all of the sudden my skin was on fire.. and I had heeded your advice... my sister in law warned me. for some reason.. it took me until about 3 days ago ( been home since April 1) to have my normal skin back for the most part... I also got stung by something while were were at a Youth Alliyah village..that was about 4 or so days prior to getting into the Dead Sea.. I looked like Popeye my left forearm got so swollen.. so perhaps what ever stung me might have caused that reaction with me and the Dead Sea.. lord knows everyone else was fine while I ran out of the water.. more like slipped out.. and hit the shower fast.. Looking forward to coming back there soon though!

Israeli by Day said...

Thanks, Honi, that was a very thorough and well said comment. I agree, more people need to listen to me talk! No, seriously, people out there in the Western world just see the news and think the only thing Israel does is oppress Arabs, kill bystander journalists (like yesterday's Reuter's death), break peace agreements, and starve Gaza.

It just aint that easy!

Give the D.S. another chance. There are some people, however, that just have that reaction! I've heard it before. It saddens me because I find it to be so out of this world. There really is no other thing like that in the world.

Come back anytime! We love to have guests!