Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jerusalem Post is Copying Me Again

It's funny that I just wrote that post today on absentee, or largely absentee homeowners in Israel. Jerusalem Post is covering the issue today, too. I think they stole my idea.

Jerusalem, as I said, is particularly afflicted with this problem. Essentially, rich American Jews buy a home in Jerusalem and leave it vacant for 11 months out of the year. They don't rent it out, they don't share it, and this has really driven up prices in the area.

Check out this article for the whole story. Here's an idea: Hook me up when I'm in the army. I'll only be there about two weekends out of a month! If you want to be a good fellow Jew, email "" and let me just put my stuff in the closet! I'm a good guy, ask my mom!


Anonymous said...

r u going into the army???????


Israeli by Day said...

yes sir, T-ROCK!

Pretty cool, right?

Anonymous said...

When? For how long? Where? I need to know all the details!!!!!

Israeli by Day said...

I'm assuming T-Rock wrote that second anonymous comment. You should use the option to use your name - just your name! Put T-Rock in there;)

Or Tea Kettle


I'll wrote a post about the army next week, just for you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks man