Sunday, March 16, 2008

Israeli-Arab Conflict: Sexy?

It's funny I wrote about Tzipi Livni just a few days ago. This is what she said recently, according to Haaretz:

"I believe there is hope, I believe there is opportunity," said Livni. "I know the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the sexiest conflict in the world and everyone wants to be involved," said Livni, who visited Washington earlier in the week. "I think the world should leave it to us. There is no need to push us. It is about our lives."

Seriously. Can't help but love this woman, even if she is aligned with the worst prime minister ever.

Shout-out to Bethany for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

You are is bloggers like you that keep the conflict sexy!

Israeli by Day said...

Yes, precisely! I keep trying to tell AdWords that...