Wednesday, March 5, 2008

10K for Sderot

If you've read my blog recently, you'll notice I've talked about Sderot a few times. In short, it's an Israeli town inside Israel (not in Gaza, not in the West Bank), and it has been the target of about 8,000 rocket attacks in the past couple years. Every day there are rockets falling, either killing or maiming people, and always destroying some house or building. It is a war zone.

Two friends of mine, one of the cutest young couples I've ever met, are doing a 10k run to raise money for Sderot victims of terror and the community in general. David was a Golani officer in the IDF (he's a badass), and Molly is a Bostonian come Jerusalemite. They're good people.

So, if it strikes you to donate to this worthy cause, click on the link below and make a donation. It is Paypal, which is the most trusted Internet payment system. So, no worries. If you donate, make a comment on this post! Anonymous, not anonymous, whatever!

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