Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dissonance Among The Ranks

(Meant to post this a couple weeks ago...)

Just a little on the fly "had to tell someone" blogging here.

We are in Jerusalem for a day of touring, and of course we've found our way to the Western Wall. There are tons of military border and security police around - even more than usual. Now, these aren't the guys who give out tickets to soldiers who forgot to shave. They are the riot police, among other things. I'm pretty sure the army even chooses kids to go to this unit based on a tendency to fight. In short, they are notorious for being rough and short tempered.

As I walked by one on the way to the bathrooms, I noticed that on the handle of his billystick was a sticker for a popular spiritual movement inside Judaism. They're the hippies of Judaism, if you will.

It's a smiling face with a yarmulka and sidelocks. Not what you'd expect from a riot squad. If your head happens to meet that billystick, you could call it divine justice.


Unknown said...

Is there a problem with e-mailing? cause i never got the last two posts on my email...?

Sallust said...

Just got done reading Jpost's article on what happened on the Mount over the (here) weekend. Glad to see you didn't make the news!

Unknown said...

Whoa! That's crazy I was there today too. Anyway, I made Aliyah about a year ago and go into Michve Alon in December. I've been doing alot of research on the IDF and came across your blogs and really enjoy them. I'm 24, am from Virginia, and volunteered for Kravi also, so your experiences/writings I feel will help educate me on what to expect a little more. So thanks for the writings and keep it up! Toda Raba Achi!

Israeli by Day said...

ari - ill have to check that out when I get home. I sure hope there's no problem. I wouldn't know what to do.

Sallust - pretty scary stuff, right?

David - where are you from exactly? I'm from elkton, a tiny town next to harrisonburg in the shenandoah valley. Next to jmu if you know that.

Suzanne S said...

I lived in Burke, VA for 22 years, and my daughter graduated from VA Tech. I know I-81 all too well after many 5-hour road trips to/from Blacksburg. I'm currently in Zichron Yaacov for a month and looking forward to having enough time this trip to explore more of Israel, especially Herodium. Also on the agenda is to meet Esther at Tishbi. She's from my neck of the woods in Massachusetts. Small world, or maybe Israel is a small country, but a crossroads nonetheless.

Jewman said...

i went to israel for yeshivah after highshool... i dont know if these are the same people. when i was in jerusalem and we got really drunk and crazy they had these "super policeman" types that would beat us for just being in the wrong place-no questions asked. maybe these security people are the ones i encounterd in israel. they are real assholes they beat you for no reason. the lady policewomen are very sexy

Israeli by Day said...

Suzanne - I hope you're enjoying your stay. Esther really knows that stuff! I went up there once and she was very enlightening.

Jewman - I don't know which group beat you guys up, but my experience with drunken people in Jerusalem is that it's pretty much a free for all. These guys, on the other hand, beat up rioters.