Thursday, April 2, 2009

Masa Tonight - 28k

Here's some live blogging for you.

I'm feeling my usual level of dread right now for the masa we have in a few hours. If you haven't read my few posts on it, a masa is a fully geared up hike, at a ridiculous pace. Its the backbone of our physical training. They suck.

Anyway, its a 28 kilometer beast (17.4 miles). That's 20k regular, then 8k with loaded stretchers open. The stretchers essentially end any semblance of strength you may have had. It'll probably take 6 or so hours.

There's a nice incentive at the end, though, that ill definitely blog about. Pray for me in the meantime.


Rafael said...

Hey, it must be very tough, but you can do it! Good luck man, post it latter, so we can know if it went ok.

rescue37 said...

boy, you sound like a wuss. You going to start crying before your masa kumta? Last I remember (and I'm going back over 15 years) wasn't it 70km? The high schoolers in the military academys do close to 30km after 9th grade.

Israeli by Day said...

rescue37 - our shavua kumta is 120k.

For a 35+ year old, you're very mature.

And if you ever met all 6'4, 225 pounds of Danny Brothers, you'd be singing a different tune. Know that.

rescue37 said...

reminds me of the song, who's scared of the big bad golani? not me, not me.
quck question, how come the golani side tag needs a plastic covering over it?
Answer: to keep the dogs away.
Another question: Why is the golani kumtah brown
Answer: it didn't start that way, but after being used in the field with a golanchik for a week with n toilet paper, it just turn that color.

Rafael said...

hehehe, good one Danny! By the way, how's your krav magá doing? You should be able kicking some ass by now.

Amiel A said...

That sounds like so much fun! Yet, if i were doing it i would probably eat those words haha! By incentive do you mean an additional piece of gear? My curiosity is burning to know!

כל הכבוד לך, ולכל חטיבת גולני


Unknown said...

good luck danny
you'll do great and look back and wonder why you were nervous and you'll be so glad you had that experience
my dad still talks about his
miss you

Anonymous said...

Hey man I was just wondering, when you go home for shabbat, you bring your gun with you right, but if you want to go out somewhere like to a club or something, where do you put your gun?

Lena said...

Hey, I assume you know this, but you were written about in Haaretz: