Saturday, April 25, 2009

Google Search: Israeli Army

Looking to see where Israeli By Day stands under a Google search for the keywords "Israeli army," I was surprised to see the Google Images return, which happens to be at the top of the page. As of me doing this search, March 28th, those few select images aren't of dead Palestinians, or Gaza on fire, or soldiers seemingly pointing a gun at a child.

Instead, they are of hot IDF female soldiers. Is that what you see? Here's the link.

Almost as strange as the keywords by which someone found Israeli by Day. Pretty sure it was one guy:

As a matter of fact, I've also questioned whether the
hummus has anything to do with Israeli girls'

Good luck my anonymous American visitor...


Oren said...

Hey, I have a question about shooting. I've only been to the range twice (indoor), both times shooting a berreta 92 in California (there are so many gun-laws there its not even funny), I had on ear plugs and it was still pretty loud (not even mentioning the rifle range next to it). How do you guys cope in the field with this noise? Especially since you use much bigger calibers than 9mm.

Israeli by Day said...

oren - first of all, indoor shooting ranges are loud for the obvious reason that the walls keep the noise in. but either way, you gotta have good earplugs. Not all are created equal. I almost went deaf during 'shooting week' with my crappy ones.

Rafael said...

That's what I see, most of the pictures are of female soldiers. I must say I'm not surprised.
About the "hummus" thing...where is it in your blog? I couldn't find it anywhere.

DoubleTapper said...

But anyone who actually reads your blog would know to google for IDF, Golani, Infantry, Tavor, etc...

Humus? Army? Both imply lots of generic kitchen patrol (K.P.) duty!

Try googling for images of IDF M16A1

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