Saturday, April 4, 2009

Masa? Hmm..

In the previous post I expressed my dread over that night's expected 6 hour hike. Well, like so many expected events in the army, we were left guessing what was going to happen until the last minute. All night we were hearing various rumors.

"The masa is cancelled!," Ben whispered.

"What, are you stupid? Of course there's a masa? Why wouldn't there be?," Uri assured.

The night went on like that for a couple hours, while I busily worked away organizing the storage room. I spoke of the "incentive" that we had to do the masa, a physical item that I was unfortunately forced to work next to in the storage room. Though I hate the masaot, I wanted this item so badly that all this possible postponing of the hike was really getting me down.

And eventually the night came to an end, and we were given a half-hour to go to bed. When they gave us a half-hour instead of a full hour, like usual, I figured that they would wake us up in the middle of the night to do the hike. All night I laid in bed, unable to sleep, just waiting for them to break down the door and get it started.

But no, quite anti-climatically no such thing happened. Instead, we did a company wide 2k run with full gear on, and then 1k with open stretchers and a person on them. That was hard enough, but it certainly wasn't a 28k excursion. And so, my one foray into "live blogging" was a failure.

Don't worry, we're still doing the masa. It's just that I now have more time to dread it. Dammit.


Amiel A said...

Half an hour of sleep!? You guys must worship Shabbat! Wow respect to you man!

Anonymous said...

great post bro. Love u and be safe