Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cool Pictures Of The Muslim Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem (Part 5/5)

This is the final portion of the pictures I took last week from a little trip around the Arab areas of the Old City of Jerusalem.  Specifically, I was in the Muslim and Arab Quarters.  These final two pictures were, in my opinion, the coolest things I saw.  I hope you enjoyed the posts, and if you didn't happen to catch them all they're still on this very same page.  Just scroll down!  

Enjoy part 5, the final bit:

Click on the picture for larger view!

There are actually two women here.  As you can see, they're selling amazing
looking grapes.

Arab men, including one dressed in a jalabiya (or a thobe, I guess),
playing a friendly round of backgammon, otherwise known as sheshbesh.


Anonymous said...

hi danny....great pictures.Can you believe that soldier stupid was that!!!

Israeli by Day said...

I really like the pics too!

That soldier girl could easily go to army jail for that.

Anonymous said...

Cool set of pics, thnx for the tour.