Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cool Pictures Of The Muslim Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem (Part 3/5)

This is part three of five of some pictures that I took while on a little trip through the Muslim and Christian Quarters of Old City, Jerusalem.  Again, they're focusing mainly on Arab sights in Jerusalem since I get such a kick out of touring around those areas.  It's a whole different world.

Scroll down to see part one and two, which should still be on this same page.  

Enjoy part three:

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This is a pretty common sight, but nonetheless I find
it very exciting whenever I notice it.  It usually works
out like this: walking along, trying not to trip on the 
stones or avoiding hassling shopkeepers begging you
to "just take a look," and then you glance up and notice
a huge minaret rising high above.  Seeing that symbol of
a nearby mosque just really reinforces the feeling of 

I've seen these guys around once in a while. They are
dressed in what is either traditional Turkish or Moroccan
clothing, and they sell a very sweet tea from that metal
container (what would be the word for it?). If anyone knows
what country this is from, inform me!  The tea, by the way, is
unbelievably sugary and delicious.

Sorry, couldn't help it.  He's riding a donkey into the Lion's
Gate entrance of the Old City.  This is, believe it or not, more
or less what the Moshiach (Jewish messiah) will supposedly
do when He comes.  For now, we just smile.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, she certainly is a dumb soldier, but a cute one.

David said...

The 'tea' is actually a drink called Tamar Hindi made from the Tamarind fruit. Like the drink & the blog a lot.

Dave (Ben's brother-we had Shabbat dinner together)