Thursday, June 19, 2008

Strange Google Search Results

Maybe this post is a little bit short-sighted, but I can't help but making it. I have Google Analytics set up for this blog, so I can see all the ways people get to my site, how long they stay, what they read, and so on. I get to see how people find my site in search engines (ie- "keywords"). I've had a solid amount of visitors in the past few days, so I wanted to see how people found this site in search engines. comes up on some pretty obvious searches:

  • American marrying an Israeli
  • Clothes for orthodox Jews
  • Foreign diplomatic license plates in Israel
  • Bush counter assault team

Those all sound pretty normal for my material, right?  Nothing really raises an eyebrow, except that I just locked my door and closed the shades due to the last one.  Standard stuff.

Needless to say, I was a little miffed by the following keywords.  Mind you, these are just what caught my eye in the last three days of Google searches that led to my site!

  • Sexy Arab blog
  • Sexy Tzipi Livni
  • Sexy Livni
  • what do hmph means?

And the kicker?  Brace yourself.

  • sexy old england man

Don't worry, I don't know either.


Sam said...

Wait. This ISN'T a Sexy Arab Blog? Dang it!

Benji Lovitt said...

Mmmm....Tsipi Livni.

Israeli by Day said...

Jeez, more talk of Tsipi Livni is going to drive up my Google ranking.

That's an idea...

Sexy Tsipi Livni in a bikini - now wouldn't that be a sight to behold? Tzipi Livni is sexy, if you're into a woman who could probably beat you in arm wrestling AND a debate on the merits of Tuborg beer versus Carlsberg beer.

Oh, sexy Tsipi Livni...