Friday, January 9, 2009

Commander Sweetheart's Basic Training

We've spent a lot of time in our room checking our equipment, doing various things to it all like putting strings on this and that and attaching things together. These sessions have been the biggest downtime for us so far in the army; the most time without having to really truly be doing something strenuous. We're just in the room standing next to our bunks, trying to figure out how to tie some knot or how to fold up our rain jackets properly.

I love these times because they're little breaks. I see them as gifts. I work really quickly doing everything without talking more than necessary, focusing on finishing, and then once I'm done there is generally a ton of time left. I sit down and rest, or I furtively play on my phone (not allowed), and usually help others. It's nice and relaxing.

But the guys in my room, as the post before last asserts, are just plain wild. They're yelling and goofing off. They hardly work and then backtalk the commander when the time inevitably runs out without them finishing. They make stupid requests that aren't at all related to the task at hand. They just don't do their jobs, they act like kids, spoiled brats really, and consequently they take forever to do the simplest things.

The commander keeps giving them more and more time, and I sit there and watch all the craziness going on. A headache generally creeps in on most occasions. But I just sit and watch, amazed that these guys in a matter of months are going to be true warriors - actual warriors that know what the hell they are doing. Now they are brats. In 6.5 months at the end of advanced training... don't mess with them.

So anyway, in the midst of one of these potentially awesome yet ruined sessions the commander was walking around and checking to make sure we tied our tent poles together as explained. He checked mine, I got a thumbs up, and then he smiled at me and asked how I'm doing.

"Good good," I said. "But these kids..."

"What about them?"

"I mean, was it like this in your room during basic training?"

Commander Sweetheart smiled and rolled his eyes along with his head. He clicked his tongue and let out a deep breath.

"100%," he said.

"These are the times I feel like a grownup," I returned.

Commander Sweetheart gave me a knowing smile, punched me in the shoulder, and moved along to the next guy.


Philip I said...

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Anonymous said...

that comment should be deleted. this blog has nothing to do with wanting to convert someone.