Monday, December 17, 2007

I suppose I should't be ashamed to tell anyone, especially if they read my blog, that I fancy myself a writer. All through my childhood I was encouraged by teachers and family (i.e.- my mom) to write; I was encouraged to develop my writing skills. I'm not sure if I'm a good writer, or if I'll ever be able to actually publish anything, but it is my dream. There's something comforting in knowing what you really would like to be, no matter how far off it may be.

I would like to write modern classics. I read so much from the 19th century, and I am obsessed with the supernatural ability of those writers to combine narrative with philosophy, mystery with psychology, and superficial with the super-serious. There is, nonetheless, a terrible feeling inherent in reading, and wanting to emulate the giants of the novel; A daunting mix of inspiration and intimidation. How could I ever hope to walk alongside Dickens, gamble with Dostoyevsky, or sail with Melville? I could never, of course, but since when did our dreams have to be so realistic?

I made this post because I was reading over my last post, and noticed the disordinate amount of times I used the word "despite" to start a sentence. My writing is, and always has been, plagued with the use of the 'conjunctive adverb.' However, despite, therefore, nevertheless. Also, if you'll notice, I started each paragraph of this post with the same word, "I." Another classic mistake in first person writing. I never said that I thought myself worthy of writing a book, I just said I wanted to write a book. Want to write a book. I also have a problem shifting tenses.

Sometimes I think I'll never write properly, even after all that schooling.


Anonymous said...

People used to make fun of me, because I was obsessed with perfect grammar. But I realized at some point, that despite my "obsession" with using "whom" in the correct spot instead of "who" and the like, my favorite reading is sometimes the writings of people who are grammar-retarded! Sometimes it's more interesting to read a sentence that shows such excitement at describing detail that it runs-on, or reading a sentence that reflects the character's status with slang and other "incorrect" wordage. Who cares if your grammar is perfect? Just keep being interesting. Also, I find myself using "despite" and the like a lot keeps connection between your sentences, no?

Basically, this entirely too long comment is meant to say, don't let grammar make you think you're not totally qualified. Keep rocking the blog!

Israeli by Day said...

i think it's cool that i now know the term, "conjuctive adverb." it sounds like an eye-mucus problem.