Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Mosque Is Burning

While on guard duty on top of a roof a while back, I stood against a railing and enjoyed the sunset. The 12 Horses pulling Khaga quietly crept down the hill a few kilometers away, disappearing behind a mosque's minaret, making way for Brother Moon. I stood at my post, feeling the winds of late fall whipping away the stale summer heat. Fall's crisp, fresh oxygen energized my soul, and my eyes looked beyond the dying day towards the great Tomorrow of Hope. A new way, a new faith. Faith in something more than the old, failed history.

Electric Sun was illuminating the minaret so vividly that I experimentally put my camera's lens behind my binoculars. Beyond telephone polls and roping electricity cables, I captured what remained of that day. I hope to get an even fuller, brighter, more orange picture in the future. But I know that the way I felt that day on my post - peaceful, quiet, hopeful, excited for life and its full range of experiences - that was a special and spiritual episode.


Alex said...

That was really beautiful. I hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Like! Very awesome! and very beautiful!

Rafael said...

I know the feeling, it's extraordinary. But it's been a long time since I felt something like it. I think I lost something on the way. Danny, try to remember it always and maybe you'll never lose it. Be safe.

Taller than a Hobbit said...


Though, if you're trying to keep your deployment city a secret, you might not want to be posting pictures of it. Just sayin.'

Ruanne said...

Danny, that's beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I know the picture doesn't quite capture it, but between that and your description, I can almost taste it. Really.

Israeli by Day said...

Thanks, Rafael. I hope you find it again. I know it's rare.

Kirara - yeah you got me there. I figure it looks like AnyCity West Bank, though.

Thank you, Ruanne. Any luck finding work post-army?