Monday, December 7, 2009

IDF's Twitter Account... Kinda Scary

I was alerted recently to the greatest thing ever. If you don't know what Twitter is, you're obviously either living under a rock, or you have a real life and don't read 150 characters of text at a time. I have a Twitter account for this blog, but I never check it and don't use it. There is an automatic updater that just makes a little note for my "followers" every time I post a blog here. Hassle free.

Anyway, I don't particularly care about or even like Twitter. Until I saw the IDF's account. Holy crap. In the army, you hear about stuff happening here or there, but it just kinda goes in one ear and out the other. Knife found at checkpoint? OK. Riots in Jenin? Ok. Mortar launched from Gaza? What's new.

But the IDF Twitter Account puts it all in perspective. By seeing about 10 single sentence posts in one page, you get a pretty good picture of what it's like to be infantry in the IDF. And here I was thinking that it was a relatively quiet period over here in the West Bank! Honestly it is, especially if you look at the Second Intifadah, but this IDF Twitter thing is unsettling. Mom, don't look.

I like it though. Let's get the word out about exactly who is creating the violence. I can't say anything at this point, but a blog post is in the works about the IDF's recent move towards embracing the bloggosphere, and the Internet's radically freeform information network. This post is just a little hint of what they're up to! Sorry for being vague, but it's in my own interest for now.

Follow me on Twitter! Click here to see my profile there. I winced as I typed those last two sentences.


Anonymous said...

I think you mean "winced". As in, "I just winced at the thought of correcting the English of this fellow - a fellow whose blog I really enjoy... I hope he doesn't take it the wrong way and get offended. I just mean to tweak him. After all, he does seem to have a sense of humor..." Thanks for the heads up on the IDF's twitter account - what a strange world.

I still feel a twinge of remorse for tweaking you, but it's meant in good fun.

Israeli by Day said...

thanks, jerk. i sat there for like 5 minutes trying to figure out why that expression just didn't sound right. hey, i slept a maximum of 3 hours per night this past week, constant patrols in the casbah, and non-stop guard duty. one night i slept 1 hour. :)

Jerk said...

I wouldn't of posted if I didn't care. It's all in the name of elevating discourse.

And I really do like the blog - everytime the RSS reader registers a post, I read it right away.

Jerk has a name by the way. And feelings. And lives in Zichron. Where you're welcome to come by and get home cooking and stay by us - the kids are up @ 6, but that's probably luxury for you.

And on that topic: the sleep deprivation now is good practice for kids later on, if you decide to have...

Israeli by Day said...

Jerk - sorry if you thought I was serious by calling you that name! My sense of humor has been stuck in the age range of 13-17 since I was... 13. I appreciated the correction!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue to even though I called you names! I kid, I kid!

Jerk said...

Wow, you are tired. Or I have forgotten how hard it is to convey sarcasm without a winking smiley ;)

My post was in jest too. No hard feelings - keep doing what you need to do, keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Conversation over. I'll reappear the next time you can't think of a hackneyed expression.

(That was a joke too).

Anonymous said...

There's people out there like me! =) Who LOVE your posts no matter what the grammar. =) Stay safe! much love and Shalom! ;)

Unknown said...

haha "embracing the 21st century with a twitter account?"

what a loser :)

Israeli by Day said...

Marissa - you know you want to follow me on it.

Anonymous said...

Jerk- As his brother I must thank you for your hospitality towards him. Being in Virginia it is hard to think he isn't getting the good hospitality like he would back home. We love and miss him.

Love you bro! your blog is amazing and keeps me going. Thank you for it! Please be safe! we love and miss you!

Taller than a Hobbit said...

woohoo! "Jerk" is an honorific now, I feel so proud now!


Tae_Ki_Girl said...

I'll follow you on Facebook. :) I refuse to join the tweeting crowd though. Texting is bad enough, putting inane comments on my life in 150 characters is just too much for me. Though should I ever relent, I'll be sure to follow you.