Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Holidays From The IDF

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, starts tonight. Last year I was drafted right after the holidays, so consequently all I could think about was the army. If only I could have seen the Danny of 5770 one year ago as I sat in my Jerusalem apartment, worrying my little head away.

So, here's to a sweet and productive new year, a year of peace for Israel. May we see the return of Gilad Shalit, reconciliation with the resident Arabs, and a Palestinian initiated overthrow of the cancerous Hamas regime.

And in the very least, as our deputy battalion commander put it, "a deadly year for our enemies."


Amiel said...

Have a wonderful Shabbat and Chag! Stay safe and keep up the outstanding work.

שנה טובה ומתוקה!

Aviv said...

Shanah Tovah.

For all I care, our enemies can get to live as long as they stop trying to kill Jews.

Derek, NY said...

just got on your blog and can't stop reading old posts. Shanah tova and my many thanks for contributing to Israel's safety.

Ruanne said...

What a difference a year makes!

May this next one be blessed, and a prayer for your safety, and the safety of the men you serve with.

Taller than a Hobbit said...

So the Danny of 5771 is going to be double extra badass then eh?

shanah tovah - and also? your post about scorpions totally freaked me out. I totally HIKED out there and didn't know they had them. Glad to know -after- the fact.

cholent said...

i luv ur posts and about wat ur commander said i must say im say im joining the army and your blog has been a inspiration

Elan said...

Hey Danny. What the army giving you? What will you have benefited from your service in the Israeli army, for your 3 years? Since you probably will go back to live in America anyway. It hard to live here in Israel. Many Israelis would be dying to get to America, at least for a litle while. Just wondering why to do the army if you lived in America? Did u come to israel just for army? Why?
It is very nice of you to come here, but what will the army give u besides 3 years wasted of you life. U will return to America with what??
If you are here to live in Israel, to make yourself here, then it is a good choice, the army will help you into society very much.
Good luck with rest of you service.
Lshana tova.

Anonymous said...

Be safe!
Cant wait to see the actualization of that last line.
Shana Tova.

Anonymous said...

To Elan: It's not easy living in the US either, especially these days. The IDF may not give a great deal of monetary compensation, but you gain a great deal from the experiences there.

Amiel said...

As president Kennedy once said: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what can you do for your country."

Sometimes we must make sacrifices for the greater good of our people.

עם ישראל חי

d-rose said...

Danny, you are Jewish, right? It's just rare to hear about a Jew from Virginia who attended William & Mary. Either way, I support your service in the IDF.

Israeli by Day said...

Elan - thanks for the most Tel Aviv comment ever.

d-rose - let me guess, you're from New York, LA, or Miami.

d-rose said...

Glad to see you can check this more often than you post.....Yeah I am from NY but what's the answer? - I love Jerusalem..I would choose to live there too if I could not find work in Tel Aviv first...assuming I ever do move to Israel

Taller than a Hobbit said...

Curious to see if you caught Bibi's speech at the UN yesterday. I thought it was great.

Ruanne said...

Elan, I wouldn't call three years in either the U.S. nor the Israeli Army a waste of time. It's the best years of your life, they say, well, then, best to put them to good use. I would call NOT serving a cause larger than yourself a waste.